The beautiful scenes of Hawaii makes it movie extra special!

A Movie Review of The Descendants

The DescendantsGeorge Clooney is one of the most magnificent actors of this century. When given a role, he delivers as if he is in command. He assumes his role to the extent that we forget about George Clooney as an actor and see him as the character he is playing. As he ventures into another step in his career, he is given a role wherein he is not in control – I mean literally no control at all. How does Clooney perform? He does it so well just like all the other previous roles that were given to him. Basing from how he perform in this new film The Descendants, it is safe to assume that Clooney is definitely one of a kind!

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George Clooney is Matt King in a film by Director Alexander Payne, The Descendants. Matt King is a workaholic lawyer who lives in Hawaii. Matt has a descent life. He lives with his wife Elizabeth (Shailene Woodley), 17 year old daughter Alexandra (Shailene Woodley) and 10 year old daughter Scottie (Amara Miller).

An accident happens to Elizabeth living her in a condition of irreversible and deep coma. This awakens Matt to see things much better than he did before. He comes up with a lot of realizations regarding how he was as a man, a husband and a father to his children. There is a lot placed on Matt’s plate which is too hard for him to handle. He gets too overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a father, a husband and a lawyer all at the same time.

The Descendants is a story of a man who struggles to be a father to his two very challenging daughters!Before Elizabeth met her fate, Matt did not have to deal with being a father. All that he has to do was earn money – lots and lots of them – for his family. He assumed that Elizabeth did her role to guide their children but unfortunately Elizabeth also did her own thing living no one to take care of the children. In turn after his wife’s accident, Matt has to deal with a teenage daughter who is a drug addict. He also has to deal with a middle school child who always sends profane texts to her classmates. More than that, he has to deal with his wife in coma. But wait; there is still the worst part. What is most frustrating above all is amidst all of these obstacles, Matt learns from his daughter Alex that his wife Elizabeth had an affair with another man. Nothing can be more devastating than hearing all of these sad news all at once.

How can he be a good father to his children whom he barely knows? How can he be a good carer to his wife who not only betrayed him for another man but betrayed him for not doing her part as a mother to their children? How is he supposed to balance all of these things with his busy life as a lawyer and a man who has the ultimate power regarding their whole family’s 25,000 acre land (for your information, this land already has a buyer and his entire family is waiting for him to make the deal just so they can get their share)?

The beautiful scenes of Hawaii makes it movie extra special!

So much can be seen in this film. This is not only a family movie but there are bits and pieces of comedy in it as well. The viewer will witness the hilarious jokes of Alex’s boyfriend Sid ((Nick Krause) who is so goofy. He always leaves comments that seem to be too absurd for adults to accept yet turns out to be funny sometimes. The supporting characters were also well chosen and gave out superb acting to make the main characters stand out a bit more but not outshine them. Among them are Elizabeth’s abrasive father (Robert Forster) and a real estate agent (Matthew Lillard), who is also the other man in Elizabeth’s life.

Go with the magical adventures of Isabelle and Hugo!

A Film Review of Hugo

HugoHugo is a film inspired by Brian Selznick novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”. Although this is an adaptation, it simply is a love letter of a brilliant director to another epic filmmaker who had been forgotten by history. This filmmaker is the reason why there is so much art in the films of the modern world.

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The film brings us back to a Paris train station in the year 1930s. The station is comparable to New York’s Grand Central. Viewers will look at the whole of the film through the eyes of this innocent boy named Hugo (Asa Butterfield from The Boy In Striped Pajamas) who unfortunately was orphaned by a fire tragedy leaving him to his drunkard uncle (Ray Winstone). Hugo lives in the hallow walls of the station and always he observes the lives of interesting passers-by through a crack in the wall. He also has to constantly escape from the villainous Station Inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen) whose role is to bring every child without an adult carer to the orphanage. Hugo also is in charge of making every clock in the train station work (this was supposed to be the work of his uncle but because his uncle is busy emptying every bottle of whiskey in Paris, Hugo is left alone to do the job). Because of this misfortune, Hugo has to occasionally steal food and some tools and specs to fix an automaton his father (Jude Law) left him before he died. Hugo believes that the automaton will able to write to him (yes, there is magic in this movie) something that his father was not able to tell him before he died.

Go with the magical adventures of Isabelle and Hugo!

Meanwhile, while Hugo tries to steal something from a shop, he accidentally awakens this old man Papa George (Sir Ben Kingsley) who forces him to empty his pockets. As a punishment, Papa George confiscates a notebook (second and last of the possessions his father left Hugo) he found in Hugo’s pockets. With extreme desire to get his notebook back and make the automaton work, Hugo is able to convince Papa George’s goddaughter Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz from Kick-Ass) to help him. Isabelle owns the heart-shaped key that will make the automaton work (as to how this happened, just watch the film). Both youngsters are able to make the automaton work and discover a lot about the robot. Secrets and mysteries begin to unfold and this leads them to events in Papa George’s past (again, just see the film to know the connection between Papa George and the automaton). Also Hugo is able to help Isabelle find something missing in her life with the help of the automaton through a sneak of a certain film.

Isabelle owns the heart-shaped key that will open Hugo's automaton!

That is all about it in the plot. The movie uses 3D cinematography to make the viewers see through the world of Hugo not as a viewer but as a part of the film. Looking through a crack in the wall to see the lives of people around Hugo is where 3D animation is placed. This effect is treated with so much subtlety and skill which is usually being abused by most of the movies these days. Needless to say, 3D animation right now is used as a gimmick to increase ticket prices instead using it to make the film better.

This is only Director Martin Scorsese’s first attempt in family/children movies and 3D animation but it is very obvious in the cinematography, setting, plot, directing and production design that this film is already a winner! Martin Scorsese has so much love in movies and he shows it by making this family movie a masterpiece! There is something in Hugo that we have not seen in any family movie for a decade! It is definitely worth it to watch the film on a big screen, may it be in 3D or not.

Dance with some happy feet together with these penguins!

Watch Happy Feet Two 3D with Your Entire Family Now!

Happy Feet TwoIf you had your soles tapping in the original Happy Feet animated film 5 years ago, then you surely will leave the theatres with some happy feet because of its sequel. Happy Feet 2 is a film that every family should watch as a treat. Paying for the ticket price will be worth it not only because of the superb animation and cinematography of this new movie but also because of the wonderful storyline.

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Still co-written and directed by Director George Miller, this new movie does not go far from the theme of the original film. It is still a story about a penguin who finds himself lost in a colony he is in and struggles to find his identity with the help of his friends and some unwanted circumstances. This is also a film about friends being separated and struggling to find themselves together again. More than that, Happy Feet Two is a film about how great it is to find yourself in a place where you truly belong.

Though it might sound more dramatic than how it should be, the movie still gives off a lot of singing and dancing which will make you want to dance on your seats while you are watching it. Like the original film, this brings comedy and drama in one for the whole family to enjoy! Definitely, you will not regret paying for the movie tickets at all. It is also shown in 3D. If you have enough budget for a movie, watch it in 3D and enjoy the great effects the CG people have prepared for you. The effects are just very believable. There is nothing I can say negative about it. However, watching the film in just an ordinary 2D version will still not take away too much entertainment. You will still leave the theatre satisfied that way.

Yes, the krills are lovable because of the voices of Pitt and Damon!

The film introduces us to Mumble (Elijah Wood) and Gloria’s (now voiced by Pink instead of Brittany Murphy) son Erik (Ava Acres). He struggles to accept their penguin colony’s tradition of dancing especially after he made so much embarrassment for himself when he tried to dance with two left feet. Owing to that, Erik escapes together with his dad’s friend Ramon (Robin Williams) to find himself a place – a colony – where he can belong. He soon finds a place where he belongs in a colony of penguins who has one of them able to fly, Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria). However, the success of Erik finding his identity and belongingness will not make the film all happy because Erik will learn that an avalanche struck his community leaving his entire original colony together with his mother trapped without food to eat. Together with his father (lucky enough to survive the trap because he was out looking for Erik) and other friends such as the new duo Bill and Will Krill (Brad Pitt and Matt Damon), Erik will prove to have the courage to save his family and friends.

Dance with some happy feet together with these penguins!

The climax of the story will be about how Erik will find a way to release his friends from the trap. Again, it will be seen as a great musical scene that will leave you with a dancing mood! The cinematography is really worthy of praise because it does not give us a scene with thousands of penguins awkwardly dancing together in harmony. The penguin’s dance seem so real that will make you want to have a real penguin as a pet – sounds so ridiculous, right? This is a movie that all ages will surely love. I enjoyed it so much just as how my children did. So if you are looking for a family fun weekend then Happy Feet Two is for you!

All the adorable puppets are united once again!

A Movie Review of The Muppets

The MuppetsAny fan of the Muppets would certainly not forget about the original Muppets Movie. The classic film was shown in 1979 but up until this time, the Muppets are still being admired by many people. There have been a lot of shows, movies and even viral videos about these puppets already but none seem to top off the record of the original classic. The Muppets, perhaps, is the first movie that is able to relive the justice of those cute and adorable puppets. In my own opinion, it is even way better than the original film. It does not replace the old film but gives due credit to it through an awesome storyline.

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The Muppets is a story about what life the Muppets had after their stardom. In this film, they were treated more like real actors who played for Muppet shows and movies. It will show us where each of the puppets ended up after the Muppets slowly lost its shine – which is what has happened in the real world actually. The Muppets are not as successful as it was before. It is as if we are looking into the lives of each member of a certain band and witness how they have tried to live their lives in a normal way away from their lives as celebrities.
Meet Gary and his brother Walther in The Muppets!The film starts off with Walter (voiced over by Peter Linz), a puppet who is a die-hard fan of the Muppets (he even dreams of playing in one of their shows one of these days). Walter has a brother named Gary (Jason Segel) who is also a big fan of the Muppets. Gary is about to celebrate his 10th year anniversary with his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) in Hollywood, California. He allows his brother Walter to go with them and they end up visiting the old studio where the Muppets used to host their shows. While being there, Walter overhears an oil tycoon’s (Chris Cooper) plan of tearing down the studio all because of hearsays about having a great oil reserve under it. Upon expiration of the lease of 10 million US dollars, the tycoon will have the studio demolished. Because of Walter’s love for the Muppets, he and his brother Gary collaborate with Kermit the frog to try to reunite all of the Muppets together again in order to raise that amount and thus ending up saving the precious studio. The struggle to get everyone together, seeing the fate of each puppets after their success and Gary’s “soon to be put to waste” 10 year relationship with girlfriend Mary because of his inability to leave his childhood are already wonderfully foretold in The Muppets!
All the adorable puppets are united once again!
You will never feel like you were wasting your time and money watching the movie. The movie gives off a really excellent storyline that is not only clever but also heart-warming and hilarious in several ways. Jason Segel as a co-writter of Nicholas Stoller, together with Director James Bobin, obviously proved to the viewers of The Muppets that they were really extreme aficionados of the most loved classic Muppets. They really gave due tribute and respect to the puppets.
Whether you are a fan of the old classic or just an average movie-goer, there is no shadow of a doubt that you will love this family comedy! An extra flavour to the film is the role of the amazing stars who come in as cameos (I keep my mouth shut as to who they are but suggest that you watch their funny roles in each of the Muppet’s lives in this film!). You need to see it; otherwise, you will be robbing yourself of a great movie experience that hardly any movie right now can offer you! Grab your tickets as soon as you can!
Arthur is in charge of the Letter Department!

A Review of Arthur Christmas

Arthur ChristmasThe holiday season is not getting any farther. Christmas is way sooner that we had expected. What great way to approach Christmas this year than an amazing Christmas movie. A new movie that looks like it was made by Disney but really is not is the Arthur Christmas. Just like any other Christmas movie, it teaches its viewers the importance of the Christmas season and family.

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Arthur Christmas makes us believe that Santa Claus is real. More than that, it feeds us a fantasy that the Santa Claus role is passed on from generation to generation. It began with St. Nicholas as the original Santa Claus and it went on and on as the family of Santa Claus became bigger and bigger. This year, it was about time for Malcolm Claus (Jim Broadbent) to retire as Santa after serving for more than seventy years. It was part of tradition that this is the age that a reigning Santa should retire. Soon to follow his footstep as the Santa Claus is his son Steve (Hugh Laurie). Without the knowledge of many, Malcolm Claus’ other son named Arthur Claus (James McAvoy) also want to get the role. However, he was given a role where he could undoubtedly make no mistakes – he is in charge of the Letter Department. Just so you know, Arthur is the clumsy child so he was prohibited to be an heir of the title Santa because this is a very demanding job. As the head of the Letter Department, his only task to make sure that every letter that was sent to Santa be answered and hell can he make mistakes with this one!

Arthur is in charge of the Letter Department!Just as the old belief, Santa gives gifts to kids every Christmas Eve so that they will all wake up surprised the next morning. As I have mentioned, Steve was the one responsible for sending gifts to all of the children. During the 21st century, Santa brings gifts not with the traditional sleigh and reindeers but through a sleigh-shaped airship which travels underwater. Since the 21st century is the age of modern technology, Santa goes all techie as well. He sends gifts using this ship and gets help from millions of elves who go out of the ship looking like militaries marching out on wires towards chimneys dropping off one gift after the other.

Steve comes back feeling so successful after having delivered all the gifts he has to deliver. However, Arthur discovers that a little girl’s dream gift was not delivered. Despite this, Steve did not stop the celebration of his success because there is no point of crying for just one child. On the other hand, this was not the kind of Christmas for Arthur. He believes that every child should receive their gifts. Because of this belief, Arthur together with his great Grand-Santa (Bill Nighy) sets off secretly to send this poor little girl’s gift using a reindeer and some old sleigh! The adventure of this kid together with his grandfather and a perky elf (Ashley Jensen) from the Wrapping Department who literally wraps gifts in seconds then begins. They all go through a lot of mishaps and “almost caught” moments but still are able to end up effective in their mission.

Everything goes gadget-y in the 21st century Christmas!

With a great 3D cinematography, Arthur Christmas ends up being a must-watch movie for this Christmas season. It is not only a film that children will love! Adults will adore this film as well. Arthur Christmas still brings the old taste of tradition back but with a modern twist. Now all gadget-y, you can’t help but find the film hilarious yet still heart-warming. There is no reason for you not to love a Christmas movie such as this one so spare an amount for a movie pass!

Kirsten unexpectedly shows more skin in this 4th movie franchise!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I Review

Twilight Saga - The Breaking Dawn Part 1Fans loved it. As I lined up with the eager viewers just to see the most awaited 4th franchise of the Twilight movies, The Breaking Dawn Part I, eagerness filled me as well. All of the people who surrounded me have been waiting for this movie to be shown for 4 years and the moment they knew it would be out, the immediately lined up for movie tickets. I warn you, the lining up process is really the worst part. There are so many people who are dying to see this which is why it easily became a Blockbuster. In just one showing, it astonishingly gained millions of dollars instantly! So much more about the lines and all, let me tell you about the movie.

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Before I begin, I must admit that I am not the very engrossed kind of fan of the Twilight Saga. I just follow the movies and I have not even read any of Stephanie Meyer’s books. Despite that, I still loved every Twilight movie I watched. It brings me back to my teenage years and feeds me with an imagination full of love – I bet this was what all of the crazy fans were after for. The Breaking Dawn Part I as expected was not a disappointment. If I were to rank all of the Twilight movies, the most awards will surely go to this one.

At first, I was sceptical about watching the film because I knew that it would be divided into two parts. With that as a prior knowledge, I immediately concluded that I would be going out of the theatre unsatisfied. However, not a single glimpse of dissatisfaction can be seen from me as I went out of the theatre that day I watch the film because everything that was shown in that movie were perfect. I could not imagine having the Breaking Dawn just a single movie and having all of those beautiful clips from part I merged together into a short scene collection. The move to divide it into two was just impeccable.

Bella and Edward off towards their honeymoon destination.

The movie starts off with Bella (Kirsten Stewart) and Edward (Rob Pattinson) fulfilling their promise of a bond that will last forever – marriage. To those who have not watched the film yet, this was the best part of the film! The wedding was extremely beautiful. Any girl would dream to be Bella just because of that extravagant wedding. The flowers, the setting, the dress and not to forget the groom – perfect! I would kill to be Bella for all of those!

Just like normal couples, after the wedding Bella and Rob go to Rio de Grande for a honeymoon – Dr. Carlisle’s gift for the newlyweds. So much love can be felt between the two as they started to be romantic to each other – a scene that you would never see from any of the other Twilight films. Just so you know, Bella opt to keep her humanity until the honeymoon was over. This means that she has to deal with Edward’s over the edge strength as they make love – literally headboards and beds being broken!

Kirsten unexpectedly shows more skin in this 4th movie franchise!The second half of the film will be all about Bella trying to survive a pregnancy ought to be impossible. She will choose to save the baby that is slowly killing her as the baby is sipping her blood. Every fan will see how great the cinematography and make-up artists are in making Bella the ill pregnant woman! Forgive me but those scenes scared the hell out of me. Bones slowly showing and breaking – it makes me puke remembering them! But you have to see all of those horrible scenes as well as the best part when Edward tries to deliver Bella’s baby and turn her into an immortal – that scene will really want you to be injected with Edward’s venom, STAT!

The passionate scene between Oxford and Elizabeth is something to look forward to in Anonymous!

A Review of the Movie Anonymous

AnonymousI never really thought that a debate – it was not Shakespeare who wrote great writings in history – existed until I saw this movie Anonymous. Though everything about what the movie wants its viewers to believe were fictitious, I can’t help but think ‘what if it was real?’ in the end. The movie made use of some very popular facts of history to make the story based on fiction believable. If that was the main purpose of this movie Anonymous then lucky for the people behind it- it worked.

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Directed by Roland Emmerich, whose works  don’t really have a big story to tell and were mostly made for money yet are undoubtedly feasted on by viewers such as Godzilla, 2012, 10,000 B.C., Independence Day and the Day After Tomorrow, he proves to all that he is capable of creating films with substance such as this great political thriller, Anonymous. I have to appreciate Emmerich as a director in this movie for he really took a risky leap with Anonymous. He touching a subject that would ignite the minds of a lot of viewers regarding the life of the most successful writer of all time is really very risky even if he backs himself up with a reason that everything was a product of fiction. He just shows everyone that he is the director who is not afraid to go over the unsafe side.

Anonymous is not just a story that makes us question William Shakespeare’s real identity but it brings us back to a lot of intrigues in the 17th century England back to the Elizabethan age. Viewers are made to believe that the person who wrote the words that are claimed to be that of Shakespeare’s is the Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere (Rhys Ifans). It also tells us that Oxford was educated in the library of William Cecil (David Thewlis) and was married to William’s daughter Anne Cecil (Amy Kwolek). Just so you know neither party were happy about the marriage. On the other side of the story, Shakespeare, by the way, is made to life by the talent of Rafe Spall.

Oxford is caught in a big dilemma. His status necessarily means that he could never be a playwright. His work is closely related to politics and he writing for stages (which by that time is a best form of media wherein everything is being ridiculed including politics) is definitely a no-no. It is outlawed. More than making viewers believe that he is the man behind Shakespeare, Anonymous also tells us about another significant role Oxford plays in history. It tells us the Oxford is actually one of the very many bastard sons of Queen Elizabeth I (Vanessa Redgrave).

The passionate scene between Oxford and Elizabeth is something to look forward to in Anonymous!

More than that, we are made to believe the incest story that Oxford is the father of another bastard son of Elizabeth who is Henry Wriothesley, the Earl of Southampton (Xavier Samuel). In the movie, lust came upon Elizabeth and Edward one night which resulted in an offspring who is Henry and hence the dialogue of De Vere, “Henry is my brother… he’s my son… he’s my brother… must I draw you a picture?” However, the very famous Essex Rebellion is really the main focus of the movie wherein Robert Devereaux, the son of Cecil who is unfortunately also Edward’s wife and also known as the Second Earl of Essex (Sam Reid) leads a rebellion which results to the imprisonment of Henry (son of Elizabeth and Edward).

The 17th century England is just glorious!

There are just too much stories sandwiched in this story Anonymous that sometimes the viewer gets confused for some moments in the movie figuring out who  are already the characters they are watching but once they get to know the names of the characters playing, the movie will just be completely understandable.

There is no doubt that this movie is worth watching so go and hit the theatres now!

Di Caprio once again shows off his brilliance as an actor as he plays J. Edgar Hoover!

Download J. Edgar Online!

J. EdgarI came into the theatre not knowing what to expect about the movie J. Edgar by Clint Eastwood. I must confess I am no lover of classic retelling of the lives of greatest men’s history. I am no brainer in history as well. I am just an ordinary viewer who expects to be bewildered by fascinating performances of actors and actresses I pay for to watch on the big screen. Despite the horrible commentaries made about this movie, I never withdraw from it a chance of giving me what it supposedly should give – entertainment. And yes, J. Edgar does that and even beyond. It not only gave me a 2 hour and 17 minute of escape from reality but it also offered me a knowledge that I have to keep as an inspiration for the rest of my life – too cheesy that might sound but I can’t help it for the film just left me with such emotions!

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J. Edgar is a film about the famous or infamous (whatever you side on) J. Edgar Hoover who is known as the man who started the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Before I start on the plot, I must warn you that this is not a documentary. It will not tell you the entire life story of J. Edgar Hoover, who before I forget to mention was played by the unquestionably brilliant actor Leonardo Di Caprio. The film will just drag you back and forth to his youth and aged life and how he perceives it.

J. Edgar is a man who is very strict on his ideals. He hates communists, man with mustaches but loves those who are dressed clean. He acts as a secret police. He starts the finger print system and tracks down all of the notorious humans in history. He did what he has to do as a man in uniform. One of the famous cases he handles in the movie is the Lindbergh baby kidnapping investigation. On the other side, he is not all good. Director Clint Eastwood shows us his flaws as a man therefore ending up in a balanced storytelling about this man. He keeps files of celebrities and politicians and bribes both with these files in case he wants to get something. J. Edgar is shown in the movie as a closeted homosexual especially when Clyde Tolson (starred by Armie Hammer of the Social Network) comes in the picture dressed in ideal suit – he hires him eventually. Since then, he never misses a lunch or dinner with Tolson in the movie. Also after his first promotion, J. Edgar hires  Helen Gandy (Naomi Watts) – this is worthy of mentioning because it is the best hires in history for this woman stuck with him through thick and thin to the extent of his death!

Di Caprio once again shows off his brilliance as an actor as he plays J. Edgar Hoover!

There are just so much pleasurable scenes to watch in this movie which are very hard to describe. My suggestion is that you watch it yourself. J. Edgar’s script by Dustin Lance Black was negatively given a comment of incoherence but personally I find that not worthy to be called owing to the fact that I came into the theatre without expectations. As usual, Eastwood did not give everything to his viewers. He did not make us dumbs by spoon feeding everything to us. He leaves a lot about J. Edgar for our imaginations to inspect on our own. One good example for this one is how the movie will let the viewer come out of the theatre questioning what J. Edgar was supposed to be – a hero or a villain. Whichever you opt to believe he was, J. Edgar was just human like all of us who commits flaws and ended up questioning his life as a human being.

Armie Hammer is a surprise here than in Social Network.

The acting, story, casts and cinematography were just so excellent (I bet this gets an Oscar) that you barely can have time to not appreciate this great work of art!

Winter is a real dolphin who plays as himself in this inspirational film!

A Review of the Dolphin Tale

Dolphin TaleThere are already a handful of Hollywood films that you won’t get tired of watching over and over again. Thanks to the Dolphin Tale, a new film will be added to your list. Believe me, this is one of those films you won’t even think twice about watching again. You won’t even mind crying all over again because of this movie. And yes, you have guessed it this is an inspirational film. It is a tale of a dolphin or it can even be said this way: it is about a dolphin’s tail! What is so great about it is that it is not even fictional. It is based on a true story and the dolphin that stars in this film is the real Winter!

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The movie revolves around the life of a kid named Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) who lives with his single mother Lorraine (Ashley Judd) somewhere in Florida named Clearwater. As a child, Sawyer is a loner. He barely has friends. And if he has one, it is his only cousin Kyle (Austin Stowell) who is a good swimmer. Unfortunately, this cousin of his gets called for military service leaving him all alone in the picture. Loner kids just try to find joy all by themselves. While he was swimming one day, Sawyer gets to meet Winter, a dolphin who gets its tail caught in a crab net. Immediately, Sawyer calls for help from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. A marine biologist named Dr. Clay (Harry Connick Jr.) and his daughter Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff) come to Winter’s rescue. They bring the dolphin to the center but everything was too late. In order for Winter to survive, its tail has to be cut. Meanwhile, Kyle comes back home after a very sad accident. He gets disabled. With Kyle is his doctor Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman) who is assigned to make Kyle’s prosthesis. Ridiculously, Sawyer creates an idea – he asks the doctor to also create prosthesis for Winter and Dr. McCarthy did not let anything hold him back and created a tail for Winter.

Winter is a real dolphin who plays as himself in this inspirational film!

Dolphin is a story of one of men’s greatest challenge. It teaches men to find hope in everything. Despite going through a lot of pain and unexpected unfortunate events, people can still be able to stand back up even as better and strongerhuman beings. This is a great lesson that you can get from the movie – which is told according to two stories: one from Kyle and the other from Winter. It teaches us that miracles happen when you believe. It just demands you perseverance because it does not happen very quick. Patience is a virtue and it is seen in here. This movie also tells us about giving credit to single parents for it is not all easy for them. Moreover, the film gives inspiration to those with disabilities telling them that their whole life does not need to end just because a part of them ceased to function! There is more to life than they have imagined.

You will be moved by the pureness of the hearts of these stars!

I really loved the movie and I cried with it. I never expected to learn a lot of these values from an animal named Winter. That is so strange and even shameful. I suggest that if you would decide to watch this film then bring your whole family with you for surely you will have a great experience from it. A Dolphin Tale may not win any of the awards out there but it does not have to because the changed attitude of its viewers who certainly will be moved by the film is already the best price the movie can get. I salute Director Charles Martin Smith for giving us a priceless and heart-touching film!

Rockstar tells an epic love story between Jordan and Heer!

Watch Rockstar Online!

RockstarEveryone knows that annually India releases films that are of big budget but not most of the time these films come out a success. It is probably just once every year that one of all the Indian films being release becomes a hit. For this year 2011, the credit all goes to the movie Rockstar. Finally, Imtiaz Ali was able to create a great artwork this time. He takes a romantic film for the whole world to see. I am sure only a few were hopeful about this film’s success because most of the people who came to see the movie were all surprised by what Ali offered them. Ali took a risk on romance in Rockstar and once again he proved all that he is the best Indian director to date.

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The story behind Rockstar centers on the love story between Janardhan Jakhar/Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) and Heer (Nargis Fakri). Unlike other romantic films that come with clichéd dialogues, the script of this film was very touching. Viewers get to feel the feelings both lead characters have for each other without getting to hear even the most clichéd line of all love stories: I love you.

More than a romantic film, Rockstar tells us about the life of the young collegian Janardhan Jakhar who dreams big and by that I mean trying to pursue being the ultimate rock star. With high hopes of becoming one, he ignores his family’s advice for him to take over their business. He believes that to be famous just like Jim Morrison, he first has to experience pain just so he can create good music. Because of this, he tries to woo Heer, a college girl who is about to be married to a man from Prague named Jai so that he can experience heartbreak and eventually reach success. However, everything will not turn out as planned when both characters experience intense love for each other. Jakhar ends up eating his own words and be submerged in heartbreak making him the most rebellious rock star. How he turns to be rebellious is what you should watch out for in this film. Of course before everything goes undesirable for him, he still experiences the height of stardom until – I won’t spoil it for you. I suggest that you watch it and enjoy the movie.

Rockstar tells an epic love story between Jordan and Heer!

Moving on, Indian films are known for incorporating music into their films. Many find this a bit cheesy and I can’t deny that I am one of those people. However, Rockstar was different from all of the Indian films that I have ever seen. All the music added to the movie would fit perfectly into the scene. It was not as if music was just inserted just so that movie could have an Indian taste. The music even makes the movie more moving and brings the film into a new height. The music makes you as a viewer empathize with the sorrows of Jordan as a lover and as an aspiring star. Very well chosen indeed and I salute the director for it.

Performance of the actors and actresses in the film are worthy of our appreciation. They made the film more outstanding than it could have been. The best act was of course Ranbir Kapoor’s. I could not say anything negative about his portrayal of Jordan. I bet that if this was taken by another artist, the movie would not be as superb as it is now. New to the acting career, Nargis Fakri seems to be awkward at times however there were some scenes of her that were knockouts! I am seeing that there will be more of Fakri in widescreen in the upcoming days!

A must-see film – that is what I can say about Rockstar, in a nutshell.

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